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May 19, 2015
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May 19, 2015

Barbera Frizzante


Sparkling Barbera DOC Colli Bolognesi

Color: ruby red, tending to purple, fine and persistent
Perfume: vinous and characteristic
Taste: dry, dry, tannic
Vol: 12.50%
Serving suggestions: pasta, meats and sauces tasty. Ideal with the salama da sugo.


Name: Barbera Frizzante DOC Colli Bolognesi
Grape: Barbera

Vineyard Characteristics:
Area: 2,72 hectares
Altitude: 320 mt. o.s.l.
Exposure: South / South West
Plant Density: 3.333 grapes per hectare
Soil Composition: Pliocene sand 50%, lime 28%, clay 22%
Growing System : Espallier , Guyot.

Vinification and Aging:
Yield: 8.000 Kg. per hectare
Harvest Time: middle of Septembre
Harvest: by hand in cases of 17 Kg.
Fermentation: in steel vats (24°C max) for about 7 days
Refermentation in pressure vats (Charmat methods) about for 45 days after fermentation at low temperature

Organoleptic References:
Colour: vivid ruby red tending to violet, thin and persistent pérlage
Fragrance: winy and distinctive
Taste: dry and properly tannic
Vol: 12,50%
Gastronomy: pasta, cold meats and salami, spicy sauces and gravy

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