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Barbera DOC Colli Bolognesi

Color: ruby red and bright, purplish
Perfume: vinous with characteristics of undergrowth, complex aromas and spicy
Taste: dry, soft, delicate, slightly spicy
Vol: 12.5%
Serving suggestions: perfect with boiled, grilled, roasted and stewed red meats.


Name: Barbera DOC Colli Bolognesi
Grape: Barbera
Vintage: 2007

Technical Information:
Area: 2,72 hectares
Altitude: 320 mt o.s.l.
Exposure: South / South West
Plant Density: 3.333 grapes per hectare
Soil Composition: Pliocene sand 50% lime 28% clay 22%
Growing System: Guyot

Vinification and Aging:
Yield: 7500 Kg per hectare
Harvest Time: end of September
Harvest: by hand in cases (17 kg)
Fermentation: in steel vats (30°C max) and horizontal steel vats for about 7 days
Aging: 5 months in steel vats and 6 months in wood barrel

Organoleptic Information:
Colour: ruby-red, deep and vivid, tending to violet
Fragrance: winy, ground cover and spicy features
Taste: dry, full bodied, well balanced, tannic and gently spicy
Alcohol : 12,5 %
Gastronomy: excellent with grilled and roasted beefs, spicy sauces and gravy.

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