November 12, 2014
November 12, 2014



Cabernet Sauvignon DOC Colli Bolognesi
90% Cabernet and 10% Merlot Selection

Color: ruby red with garnet
Perfume: intense, persistent with hints of earth
Taste: dry, full-bodied and warm alcohol, tannic and perfect for meditation
Vol: 13.5%
Serving suggestions: game and challenging game (hare, wild boar, roe deer and deer), red meat and glazed, pork loin, braised meats, aged cheeses


Name: Cabernet Sauvignon DOC Colli Bolognesi
Grapes: 80% Cabernet Barrique 2004, 10% Cabernet Barrique 2003 and 10% Merlot 2004

Vineyard Characteristics:
Area: 4,5 hectares Altitude: 320 mt o.s.l.
Exposure: South / North
Plant Density: 3.333 grapes per hectare
Soil Composition: Pliocene sand 50% lime 28% clay 22%
Growing System: espallier, Guyot

Vinification and Aging:
Yield: 7000 Kg per hectare
Harvest Time: beginning of September
Harvest: by hand in cases (17 Kg)
Fermentation: in steel horizontal vats (30°C) with delastage
Aging: 14 months in barrique

Organoleptic Information:
Colour: deep ruby red tending to garnet red
Fragrance: deep, persistent, harmonious, fruity and spicy scents
Taste: dry, full bodied, alcoholic, silked tannins, sweet liquorice, perfect for meditation
Alcohol: 13,5 %
Gastronomy: hunt and game (such as hare, boar and venison), roasted pork, braised and candied beef, matured cheese.

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