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November 12, 2014
May 18, 2015

Sparkling Wine Rosè For You


Sparkling Rosé Brut Charmat Method For You
Screw Fantini, Merlot, Barbera

Color: pale pink color reminiscent of the wild rose petal
Perfume: delicate and fine, floral, sensations of cherry, ripe plum and red fruits
Taste: fine and very pleasant acidity hidden by extremely soft, very drinkable wine, lingering taste and stimulating
Vol: 11%
Serving suggestions: Excellent as an aperitif, with tasty appetizers, fish, shellfish, lobsters, oysters
Service: at a temperature of 8 ° C, we recommend a tulip glass of medium size at the rim


Name: Spumante Rosè For You Brut Metodo Charmat
Grape: Vite del Fantini, Merlot, Barbera

Technical Information:
Area: 0,66 ha
Altitude: 300 mt o.s.l.
Exposure: South
Plant Density: 3.300 grapes per hectare
Soil Composition : Pliocene sand 48%,lime 28%, clay 24%
Growing System: Espalier, double Guyot

Vinification and Aging:
Yield: 9000 kgper hectare
Harvest Time: mid September
Harvest : by hand in cases (17 kg)
Technical Information: blend of 3 grapes, vinification with oxidation process and fermentation at controlled temperature below 18°C
Refermentation: pression of 5 bar and stop on yeast for 3 months before bottling

Organoleptic Information:
Colour: soft pink like the petal of the wild rose
Fragrance: delicate and fine, floral, with sensations of Marasca cherry, mature plum and red berries
Taste: fine and pleasant, acidity hidden by great smoothness, wine of easy drinkability, persistent and stimulating
Alcohol: 11,5 %
Gastronomy: ideal appetizer, excellent with tasty snacks, fish, shellfish, lobster and oyster
Serving: at 8°C, recommended glass of medium size tulip-shaped, narrowing towards the rim.

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