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September 4, 2014

Pignoletto Frizzante Designation of Origins and Guaranteed


Denominazione: Pignoletto Frizzante DOCG Colli Bolognesi
Varieta': Pignoletto
Name: Pignoletto Frizzante DOC Colli Bolognesi
Grape: Pignoletto

Vineyard Characteristics:
Area: 5,41 ha
Altitude: 280-350 mt. o.s.l.
Exposure: South / South East
Plant Density: 2.963 /3.333 grapes per ha
Soil Composition: Pliocene sand 45%, lime 25%, clay 30%
Growing System: Espallier, Guyot

Vinification and Aging:
Yield: 9.000 Kg. per hectare
Harvest Time: middle-end of September
Harvest: by hand in cases (17 Kg)
Process: in the destemmed grapes are cooled to 15 ° and pellicular maceration is made for three hours without bisulfites. Cooling of the must to 10 ° for static decantation
Fermentation: in steel vats (18/19°C ) for about 10 days and final tangential filtration
Aging: 3 months in steel vats
Refermentation in steel vats (Charmat methods) for about 45 days at low temperature

Organoleptic References:
Colour: pale yellow with green nuances, bright
Fragrance: delicate, typical, lightly aromatic, floral and perfumed
Taste: delicate, slightly almond, pleasantly sparkling with a perfect ending
Alcohol: 11,5%
Gastronomy: hors d’oeuvre dishes, first courses as well as fish and white meats, vegetables and eggs

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